Hannah Hiscock

I’m continuing with my family history, and I now move on to my first five times great grandparent, Hannah Hiscock. You can see from the image below where Hannah is situated in my family tree:

Hiscock Extend 1

As you can see on the family tree, there is no grandfather for me to tell you about. My family surname comes from Hannah, as my four times great-grandfather was base-born; meaning he was born out-of-wedlock. In fact, all three of Hannah’s children were base- born. I will tell you more about that shortly.

Hannah was born in 1765 in Bramshaw in the New Forest, and her parents were George and Elizabeth.

Bramshaw is a small village in the New Forest, Hampshire. Up until 1895, it was divided into two parts, with half in Wiltshire and the other half in Hampshire. Bramshaw lies 11 miles west of Southampton.

According to http://www.wikipedia.org Bramshaw appeared twice in the Domesday Book for Wiltshire and was held by Wulfnoth and Edmund. The name Bramshaw comes from an old English word for “bramble bush wood”. The current church of Bramshaw dates from the 13th century, but has many later additions:

The County of Southampton Act 1894 placed the whole of Bramshaw into Hampshire, with the county boundary running through the churchyard and through the church. It had its nave in Wiltshire and its chancel in Hampshire. There were two separate parish councils, but they unified in 1932.

Brawmshaw village school first opened in 1812 as a boy’s school, but by 1819, the girl’s and infants school was registered. It was open for 165 years, and closed in July 1977; with the school building now being used as a private dwelling.

According to the Hampshire Baptisms Transcription on http://www.findmypast.co.uk Hannah Hiscock was baptised on the 23rd April 1765 in Bramshaw, Hampshire:

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 20.33.57

I still need to find out whether or not she had any other siblings . I have already checked on the main genealogy websites, but I will double-check this as records are being added all of the time, otherwise, I will have a look when I visit Hampshire Archives to see if there is anything I can find there.

Hannah gave birth to three children, all of whom were born out-of-wedlock. Her children were: William, my four times great-grandfather (1788-1868), James, my husband’s four times great grandfather (1790-1861), and Mary (1793-). All three of her children were born in Minstead, which is three miles south of Bramshaw. It’ll be interesting to see if  there was a settlement record for Hannah in Minstead as she was born in Bramshaw. If there is one available, I will find it at the county record office.

I visited Hampshire Archives to see if I could find a father for my four times great-grandfather, William. I remember arriving there early as I was excited at the prospect of finding another possible ancestor for my family tree, and also to find out what my surname would have been if Hannah had married William’s father. When I arrived at the Archives, I asked to see the Bastardy Orders for Minstead for that time period. I was advised that there would be a possibility that I wouldn’t find what I was looking for, as they didn’t have that much information, but I had my fingers crossed just in case.

Once I  had the book in my possession, that I had ordered from the archive vault, I sat down and looked through it page by page. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Bastardy Order for either William or James, but there was one for their sister, Mary.

There was an Order from 1793 stating that Mary’s father was Job Dovey, a labourer from Bramshaw. Hannah and Job were never married. He appeared on the order so that he could pay towards Mary’s upbringing, so that she was not a burden on the parish coffers. Job was born in Bramshaw, Wiltshire in 1758, and he married Mary Purdey (1746-1789) on the 28th May 1785. So far, I have been unable to locate any children for Job and his wife.

Hannah married Henry Norman in Minstead on the 12th March 1798 when she was 33 years of age. At the present time, I have been unable to find out if they had any children together, despite searching a number of databases.

With regards to finding a death record for Hannah, I have only managed to find one so far on Ancestry.co.uk. This record shows a Hannah Norman, with a year of birth as 1765, and a date and place of death as 12th March 1832 in Hertford, England. To find out whether this is the correct record, I will need to visit the archives, and have a look at the marriage record to see which parish Henry came from. Once I know where he came from, I will then know which direction my research will take me.



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I am a genealogist who has been researching for quite a few years on mine and my husband's family tree. I also carry out research professionally for other people. I am a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies studying the surname Hiscock and its variations. I am also a member of CILIP. I am currently studying for the Pharos Tutors Family History Skills & Strategies (Intermediate) certificate
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2 Responses to Hannah Hiscock

  1. Clive Ledger says:

    My great-grandmother was Annie WHITEHORN (b. Fareham, Hants 1873). Her parents were Henry WHITEHORN (b 1845 in Minstead, died 1885 in Farnham) and Priscilla HISCOCK (b 1841 in Minstead, died 1914 in Andover). Henry’s parents were George WHITEHORN and Rebecca ROYALL who were married in Minstead in 1825. Rebecca died in Minstead in 1888. Priscilla’s parents were George HISCOCK (b. Minstead c 1800, died there in 1868) and Hannah WHITE, who I believe were married in Minstead in 1824.

    • debbielou72 says:

      As Minstead is such a small village, I would think that we could be related somehow. I visited the village a little while ago and went to the churchyard. There were so many Whitehorn graves there. I’ve written a blog about it which you may be interested in.

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